30 Ft Luxury Jet Boat - Мауи Лодочные чартеры

Об этой яхте

30 Ft Luxury Jet Boat is custom made with aluminum and powered by twin-turbocharged Yanmar Diesel dual Hamilton Jet-Drives.

CAPACITY: US Coast Guard certified for 25 passengers.

WHY SHOULD YOU GO WITH HER INSTEAD OF SOMEONE ELSE? Join us on our one-of-a-kind custom-built vessel on the island of Maui to experience lifelong memories. There is no other activity like this in Maui, and she is Hawaii's only jet boat.

She is truly eco-friendly with no props, rudders, or shafts, her smooth bottom makes her the most efficient eco-friendly vessel on the sea, allowing her to accomplish 360-degree spins, quick twists, slides, and dead stops.

Her environmentally friendly design makes her the vessel of choice for protecting our marine life.

ABOUT THE CAPTAIN: Our captain has a lot of experience and knowledge! He always explains the vessels in detail, including the position of all life jackets, safety gear, and equipment.

  • Coast Guard Certified and a waiver must be signed by all passengers.
  • Guests with restricted mobility, and dubious medical, physical, and/or mental issues, including but not limited to height and/or weight, are subject to the activity provider's refusal.
  • No one who has had a neck or back injury, and no one who is pregnant
  • Please be advised that participants in this trip must be at least 5 years old and accompanied by a parent.
  • Join us for an hour of soaking wet and wild fun!
  • This activity is not accessible to those who use wheelchairs.

Информация о поездке

CHECK-IN TIME: Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. If you miss the check-in time or the boat departure, you will not be able to rebook or receive a refund. If you're driving, make sure you get a parking spot before you arrive for your check-in.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO BRING WITH YOU? Bring Hats, Towels, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Waterproof Camera, Go pros, Waterproof Watch, and Wear Bathing Suit.


  • Due to weather or traffic circumstances, the activity schedule is subject to alteration or cancellation.
  • The pricing does not include gratuity.
  • Please take care of your valuables on your own; we will not be held liable for any loss or misplaced belongings.
  • There are no meals or drinks provided onboard.
  • You will be checked in by our team. Our zodiac will carry you from the beach to our moored vessels off the coast of Ka'anapali. The day before your trip, each participant will get a text message on their cell phone with detailed directions and reminders.
  • Whale Watching at its finest during Whale Season, December 15th – May 15th.
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Мы предлагаем следующие поездки

  • 1 hour Public/ Shared tour
    $106 USD

    Rate is Per PAX

    Adult =  $106.09 
    Child (5 years old and up) =  $106.09 

  • Private Charter
    $2260 USD


    Price Breakdown for 2-Hours Charter:
    15% Gratuity plus 7.166% tax added
    Total with tax = $2,260

    Additional Hourly Rate FOR PRIVATE CHARTER is $925.00 Plus 7.166% Tax + 15% gratuity = $1130.00

    Дополнительные часы 1130 USD

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Скорость по умолчанию: 800 USD

Pax Включено в тариф по умолчанию: 4

Дополнительный пассажирский тариф: 80 USD

Базовая цена: 550 USD

Итоговая цена: 550 USD

Pay Deposit (0%): 0 USD

Остаток средств: 550 USD


Что клиенты говорят о нашем сервисе

  • Sep, 2022

    Хороший день, подводное плавание с моей семьей из 6 человек. Воды были спокойными, глубина всего 6 футов, но морская жизнь была потрясающей. Даже лобстеров поймал.

  • Oct, 2022

    Отличный день на рыбалке. Поймали Пермита, Барракуду и огромного Тарпона. Капитан и лодка были великолепны и созданы для отличного дня!

  • Nov, 2022

    Удивительное путешествие на глубоководную рыбалку. Мы прошли около 20 миль от берега и нашли участок с сорняками, где мы поймали тонны махи! Будет делать это снова в ближайшее время.