50-Foot Rigid-Hull Inflatable - ماوي قارب المواثيق

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The largest in the State, the 50-Foot Rigid-Hull Inflatable with fiberglass deep V-hull is powered by over 630 horsepower with twin Cummins Turbo-Charged Diesel inboard engines.

She has amply cushioned seats and covered areas, ideal for a comfortable and enjoyable ride. She has an on-board marine restroom, plenty of padded seating & shaded areas.

Boat Capacity: Although she is USCG certified to accommodate 42 passengers, we only allow 36 guests on a trip to ensure their comfort.

- Twin swim ladders for easy water entry and exit
- Fresh water shower rinse
- On-board marine head/restroom

- 24-inch-wide pontoons with hand lines and foot straps (USCG-approved seating)
- Complimentary beverages on all adventures include sodas, juices & water at check-in

تفاصيل الرحلة

Whale Watch Adventures and Snorkeling & Dolphin Adventures.


We are offering the following trips:
- Lanai Dolphin Adventure (Shared Charter – 4.5 hours)
- Lanai Landing Adventure: (Shared Charter)
- Coastline Snorkel and Raft Adventure
- Whale Watching Adventure (Shared Charter)

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نقدم الرحلات التالية

  • Whale Watching Adventure (Shared Charter)
    $64 USD

    Whale Season (December – April)

    Maui Whale Watches start in early December and continue until early April.

    Departure Location: Lahaina Harbor

    Departure time: 07.45 am / 10.00 am / 12.30 pm / 01.00 pm / 02.45 pm / 03.15 pm /
    Check-in: 30 min before departure
    Return time: 2 hours after departure

    Max Guest: 36 to keep it comfortable for you

    Itinerary: Explorer Super Rafts are fast, fun & comfortable vessels allowing more time to whale watch and less time traveling to and from our leviathan friends.

    We offer a Whale Season Pass (10 trips) for those of you who love to whale watch!

    Adult: $64.00 plus taxes
    Child: $49.00 plus taxes

    إضافية الركاب: 64 USD, Child: $49.00 + taxes 49 USD
  • Coastline Snorkel and Raft Adventure (3 Hours)
    $99 USD

    Departure Location: Lahaina Harbor

    Departure time: 1:30 PM with check-in at 1:00 PM.
    (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday)
    Check-in: 1:00 PM
    Departs at: 1:30 PM
    Return: 4:30 PM

    We will set sail to the West Maui Coastline to a fabulous snorkel site where you will be able to swim & snorkel for over one hour in the crystal-clear ocean with tropical fish over a colorful coral reef and maybe even see green sea turtles, spotted eagle rays and moray eels.

    Adult (13yrs +): $99.00 plus taxes & fee
    Child (5-12yrs): $74.00 plus taxes & fee

    إضافية الركاب: 99 USD, Child (5-12yrs) + taxes & fee 74 USD
  • Lanai Dolphin Adventure (Shared Charter – 4.5 hours)
    $134 USD

    Departure Location: Lahaina Harbor

    Departure time: 07.30 am
    (check-in at 07.00 am,
    30 min before departure, with coffee and juice)
    Return time: 12.30 pm

    Itinerary: This Lanai snorkeling trip takes you across the Au‘au Channel to the Island of Lana‘i (Pineapple Island). Dolphins are often encountered (85%) off the island with lots of tropical fish, green sea turtles, and occasional manta rays at the snorkel sites chosen by your captain to provide the clearest and calmest ocean conditions (Captain’s choice).

    Going for half a day is an inexpensive day with lots of fun and adventure, visiting 2 snorkeling sites at diverse and remote locations with around 30 guests, which feels more exclusive and private than going with 150 guests on a big boat.

    Please remember to bring the following:
    - Towel
    - Sunscreen (non-spray)
    - Camera
    - A light jacket or long-sleeved shirt

    Adult (13yrs+): $134.00 plus taxes & fee
    Child (5-12yrs): $ 99.00 plus taxes & fee

    Included: Snorkeling gear / Deli-style lunch / Sodas / Juice / Water

    Vegetarian or Gluten Free options are available when making your reservations!

    Not Included: Wetsuits are available pre-boarding for an additional charge.

    إضافية الركاب: 134 USD, Child (5-12yrs) + taxes & fee 99 USD
  • Lanai Landing Adventure: (Shared Charter - 7 Hours)
    $174 USD

    Departure Location: Lahaina Harbor

    Departure time: 7:00 AM OR
    9:30 AM
    (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

    Check-in: 6:30 AM -
    Departs at: 7:00 AM
    Return: 2:00PM

    Check-in: 9:00AM -
    Departs at: 9:30 AM
    Return: 4:30 PM

    Itinerary: This amazing Charter takes you to the Island of Lanai where landing is made at Manele Harbor.

    Once arrived, we took a short walk to Hulopo’e Bay & Marine Preserve.

    There you will be able to enjoy snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of the bay and explore the beautiful tidepools.

    After this go and take a short easy hike to Sweetheart Rock.

    Adult (13yrs +): $174.00 plus taxes & fee
    Child (5-12yrs): $134.00 plus taxes & fee

    إضافية الركاب: 174 USD, Child (5-12yrs) + taxes & fee 134 USD

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بيانات الدفع

معدل الافتراضي: 800 USD

Pax مشمول في معدل التخلف عن السداد: 4

سعر المسافر الإضافي: 80 USD

السعر الأساسي: 550 USD

السعر الكلي: 550 USD

Pay Deposit (0%): 0 USD

الرصيد: 550 USD

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